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Find Out More About Our Unique Approach to Neuropathy Pain

We’ll know during this first visit, and more importantly, YOU will know whether or not our unique neuropathy pain program is going to help you or not! If we can help you we will let you know and if we cannot help you we will be glad to make a referral.  

Our screening exam allows us to identify which specialized forms of care will be required to drastically reduce (or in some cases) totally eliminate pain associated with neuropathy.

Our specialized treatments are especially effective in difficult cases of neuropathy pain where the pain has lasted more than 3 months.

Most of our patients have had previous ineffective treatments, failed surgeries, and unsuccessful medications.

Pain-killing drugs and heavy duty prescriptions may temporarily lessen the pain, but they only cover up the pain while the underlying damage continues to deteriorate.

No matter what’s causing the chronic neuropathy pain, we will prove that we can take care of it so life can be enjoyable once again.

Don’t let neuropathy-associated pain cripple activity with family and friends any longer.

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